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Car Batteries - When to Replace

Your car battery is a maintenance item that is easy to forget about. As long as the engine starts fine we don't even think about it. Since they last a long time it is an easy item to overlook. But it is an awful feeling when you turn the key and nothing happens. 

When the temperature is just below freezing a battery can lose 30% of its power, and as much as 50% when the temperature is below 0. So how do you know if your battery is ready for the stress of 

winter? Very easy. Batteries carry a label stating its amperage specifications. Your automobile technician can test the battery and compare the results to the manufacturer's specifications. That's it, just that simple. Have your battery tested a couple of times a year when you go in to have your oil changed. This will allow you to replace the battery when it falls below the manufacturer's specified threshold. A weak battery may start the car but it also stresses other components including the starter and alternator. One more thing to consider, extreme summer heat also provides challenges for a weak battery.

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