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WHY SelL Your Car, Truck,or SUV to us?

Quite simply, it’s fast, easy and hassle free. Selling a vehicle can be difficult, and costly, not to mention a lengthy process accompanied by tedious phone calls.

(1) Meeting up with strangers or having them come to your home is very risky.

(2) With the vast array of vehicles on the market, yours can easily go unnoticed and advertising is costly.

(3) You may be held legally liable if you sell vehicles to a private party.

(4) If you have a loan on the vehicle the bank will not release the title until you pay it off. Buyers and lenders want to see the title before proceeding.

(5) If the buyer wants to test drive the vehicle or wants to have his/her mechanic inspect it, does your insurance cover them?

(6) You may take a deposit to hold the vehicle only to find out your customer is not able to obtain financing.

(7) Fraudulent forms of payment are becoming a common occurrence.

(8) Selling a car to us eliminates all of the above.

New England Car Buyers is not only the fastest way to sell a car, it is also the easiest way to sell a car as well as the safest way to sell a car. Our service area includes S.E. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut. We buy used cars, junk cars, motorcycles and trucks.

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