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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling A Car

Q. Should I donate my car?

A. Many people believe donating their car benefits them while making a goodwill gesture. But the I.R.S. has stringent guidelines regarding the vehicle donations. Click here for rules pertaining to Vehicle Donations and Valuations. The amount allowed as a tax deduction is limited and the process can be complicated. The tax deduction can be insignificant compared to the cash value you will receive for your vehicle.

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Q. How long will it take to sell my car to NECB ?

A. We will normally respond to your request the same day. If you contact us on Sunday or on a Holiday we will respond the following business day. Upon agreeing on a price, we will be prepared to purchase the vehicle immediately.

Q. If I have a loan on my car and the bank has the title can I sell it?

A. Yes, Even if you still owe the bank money we are able to purchase your vehicle. After you provide us with the lien holder’s information we will prepare all necessary paperwork to complete the transaction quickly. Our services include loan payoffs.

Q. What type of vehicles do you purchase?

A. We will buy any type of car or truck from the current model year down. We are also motorcycle buyers, preferring low mileage bikes. We will purchase some construction equipment IE: bobcats, backhoes,etc.

Q. Will you buy vehicles with body damage?

A. Yes, we are prepared to buy vehicles with body damage and/or mechanical defects.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. New England Car Buyers is a service of Car Connections located in Somerset, Ma. Car Connections was founded by its present owner in 1983. We are currently celebrating our 32nd anniversary. Our service area includes Southeast Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Q. How do I know you are reputable?

A. Since 1983 we have never had a complaint filed against us with the Better Business Bureau and we have never had legal action brought against us. We take a great deal of pride in what we do.

Q. Do you pay with cash?

A. Cash transactions are limited to small dollar amounts. In most cases we will provide you with a certified bank check or a business check, whichever you prefer.

Q. Do you pay book value?

A. Our appraisals are based on wholesale book value and current dealer auction values. No dealer can pay retail value for a vehicle. But remember the sale is quick and easy and you release yourself from any possible liability.

Q. Will NECB fill out the back of the title to transfer ownership before I sign it?

A. Yes, we will complete the assignment of title. Signing the back of the title without filling in the buyers information is refered to as an open title. Handing over a signed blank title leaves you open to liability. The individual you sold the car to can resell it by putting the buyers name where their name should have been written in. This makes it appear that you sold the vehicle to the third party. This is an illegal act often carried out by unlicensed individuals looking to fly under the radar of the DMV and IRS. Beware of any dealers who buy cars in this manner.

Q. If my car is unregistered will you come out to purchase it?

A. Generally we require vehicles to be brought to us for inspection. Under certain circumstances we will come to you to purchase and remove the vehicle after we have agreed on an approximate value based on your description.

Q. If I sell my car to you how will I get home?

A. If you need a ride home we will check the local bus schedule for you and try to schedule your appointment around a convenient time. We will provide you with a ride to the local bus station or simply give you a ride home. We are here to serve you.

Q. Do you offer Online Quotes?

A. We do not offer online quotes. It is impossible to offer an accurate online quote due to the many variables associated with a pre-owned vehicle. After discussing many factors the regarding your vehicle we can generally provide you with a very close approximation of what we would be willing to pay. Of course, we will need to inspect the vehicle to confirm a purchase price.

Q. Can I pawn my car or obtain a title loan with New England Car Buyers?

A. No. Car pawn is not an option. Only about 20 states allow vehicle title loans. It is not legal in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut.

Q. Is New England Car Buyers also a junk car buyer?

A. We buy cars in any condition. If you would like to sell a junk car just give us a call. We also offer junk car removal in many areas. We pay cash for cars, All makes, all models, all years.

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